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Kim Clough's Miniature That Fits On Your Fingertip

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Miniature Food That Fits On Your Fingertip
By night, Kim Clough is a medical lab scientist. By day, however, she's a miniaturist who creates amazingly detailed miniature foods that can fit right on your fingertip.
"I love miniatures because it gives you a sense of being able to control a large part of the world in a small contained space,'' said Kim "Food is especially dear to me since it's universally relatable and there are so many different colors and textures to try to replicate."

The artist uses polymer clay to sculpt these cuties, and every miniature is no bigger than 1:12 of the size of whatever she happens to be recreating. Recently Kim has turned her attention to the different phases that food goes through during the process of decay, and this has inspired her newest series, titled"Decay in Miniature".

More info: instagram / Original URL

1 Vegetable Stew And Rotisserie Chicken
2 Black Forest Cake
3 Mint Chocolate Chip
4 Ch…

How to Resin Clay for Fantastic Beasts:The Crimes of Grindelwald

Handmade "Fantastic Beasts:The Crimes of Grindelwald"
We bring you the tender and naughty Niffler from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Movie, we make it in plasticine, remember that you can make it in the size and material that you like the most, we hope you put it into practice.
Pre-work of Making Niggler Prepare oil modeling clay, type of clay tool, toothpick, glue. choosing the color that you like, and want to make in the character. Start handmade now!
How to Make Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald? First, round a modeling clay to make Niggler head, and using tools to make the eyes. using skin color to pinch a mouth shape(like a little three-dimensional triangle), and glue it, the face is done. Second, pinch the teardrop-shaped, and limbs, hand, and feet using skin color to shape(using scissors to make the fingers). Glue all together with the head and body, Niggler is done.
Using skin clay to make the face of Newt, you need to take the clay tool to sculpt t…

【Easy Handmade】Beginner Clay Photo Frame |MODOH

Handmade Cat Photo Frame by Air Dry Clay
Photo frames can make any home feel more comfortable than usual. And, if you want something unique, then you should consider making an air dry clay photo frame. The price of photo frames can be very expensive, so it is not surprising that more and more people are starting to use expensive materials to make photo frames. If you don't use the air dry clay before, this is our introduction of air dry paper clay.
How to DIY Air Dry Clay Photo Frame?
Material Used: Air Dry Clay Watercolor and Waterpaint Glue Clay Tool
First taking out the paper clay to roll flat that making background. Second, making the cat face (or any animal you like) with clay tools. And roll the little round to make eye and paw. Using glue to the background. Third, make some furniture to deco this background(like a window, wardrobe). Prepare the watercolor to paint on it. The cat frame is complete.
Clay Background
Making eye
Animal Paw
Little cute cat
Glue on it

Making a window
Using wate…

Miniature Art 1:12 Taiwan Temple By Modeling Clay

Share Story Delicate objects clay artist 陳奕璇 create the largest work "Landlord and Guardian" in 8 years. It took one year to complete. The village land temple that in memory as a child is reduced in size to reproduce the emotions and memories of old times. The details are amazing. Endlessly, especially the pineapple balls and eight immortals are complicated and delicate. Netizens praised "Master" and also attracted the attention of many temple model players.

Her Delicate House works took a year to complete.  Each length and width is 100 and 68 centimeters. The temple was reduced to a 1:12 ratio.

In front of the carved gold furnace, a grandma was bending over to pick up the falling paper money; lifelike tribute was placed on the table; children playing on the wooden boards around the land: there are some people sitting on benches near the temple; there are grasses growing quietly in the roof gutter, the whole work reproduces the land in everyone's memory-temple…

Dancing On The Pottery's Wheel

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In an intriguing fusion of visual and performance art, Russian ceramics artist Mikhail Sadovnikov draws a seemingly endless series of patterns with wet clay(also known as silp) on a spinning potters wheel.The process is incredibly mesmerizing to watch in motion, as Sadovnikov uses just his hands and a few simple tools to transform the blank surface of the wheel into a myriad of striking, perfectly symmetrical designs.
With just a turn of the wrist or a pass of the palm, the artist can alter the patterns completely, transforming smooth rings into zigzagging lines or overlapping swirls. The elegant forms are short-lives, undergoing constant metamorphoses and changes, but that fleeting quality only makes each design more beautiful.

Original URL 
Mikhail Sadovnikov's blog

Handmade Deco Sauce Clay Cookies | MODOH

After all the clay decorating ideas that we presented in this blogger, today we've decided to present you a lovely design of handmade ornaments made from Soft clay and Fake Deco Sauce. These simulation cookies can be used for decorating or to be made like the earring or necklace, sharing with your Best Friend.
Pre-work make Deco Sauce Cookies Prepare material: Soft clay, Fake deco sauce, Clay tool(mold), Color toner, Plastic eyes. We use the yellow super light clay with clay mold to made cookies shape. and using brown, pink, white deco sauce to adornment the cookies.
How To Make Simulation Deco Sauce Cookies? First, roll flat the sift clay and take the mold to push the shape you like. Using the clay tool, making cookies edge more like the real. Paint on the toner more like the oven bake dessert. Second, take the deco sauce to topped the clay cookies. Make it delicious. if you feel this is simply not good looking, you can put on the plastic eyes like us. more funny and interested.
Clay mo…

DIY Bottle Clay House With Soft Air Dry Clay Step-By-Step | MODOH

Clay House in Glass Bottle💓 
Pre-work with Clay House Prepare a glass bottle, clay tool, polymer clay, light clay, and foam clay, choosing the color that you like, and want to make in the bottle. Start handmade now!
How to Make the Clay House Bottle? First, put the polymer clay into the bottle to make the ground(we use the green color). and use another color to make a trail road, stone, grass, and flower to deco the ground. you can make different deco things to make clay house more colorful and diverse.
Second, we use white and red colors to create the house (the house design refers to the mushroom magic house on google.)  When the house and ground are done. put into the oven bake for 5 minutes. when we wait for the oven bake, we can use the soft light clay and foam clay to decorate the cover. We use the air-dry foam clay to create the snowing bottom. and use super light clay to make a sweet house on it. 
Deco the ground Oven bakes 5 minutes.
Soft clay with lovely house 
Foam clay to deco the …

Sculptor of Humanoid by Air Dry Paper clay

Keep Your Own Path 
游曜鴻 is from Yilan, Taiwan. When he was young, he always went to the temple to worship the Buddha and worship the gods. He was particularly interested in the Buddhas, bodhisattvas and idols in the temple and thought they were beautiful. Once he naively asked his mother if he could buy a Buddha statue with fifty dollar. He interest in figurines was learned and brought into play in making noodles. His kneaders have done very well and his works have participated in bazaars many times. This is both an honor and a recognition for children in their teens.
After graduating and serving he stepped into the work that society needs to decide to do, he made up his mind to go back to the path he was really interested in " the human figure". This time he chose air dry paper clay, hoping to use it teaching as a starting point for his career. Although he has the skills and experience of noodles, paper clay is a different material for him after all so he decide to give him…

How Reality Miniature Arts World Of Resin Clay Artist

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邱 紹松 Qiu Shaosong, The original military hotel industry was a key training cadre of the company. he had more than 20 years experience and his boss wanted to let him to other exhibition shop. He declined on the grounds of his parents' health. The boss didn't give up and he set up a new business development department for him to manage. He simply asked to leave while the company was reorganizing. After quitting work, he traveled to Thailand. One day he saw a hawker selling pocket flowers on the side of the road. The degree of realism made him impossible.

He talked while observing each other's methods. After returning to Taiwan, He tried to do it himself. He start from Lintong Orchid at first because he usually likes to plant flowers.

He made clay flowers that were comparable to the real thing. 'why do you sell them like this? you should reduce the size to make it easier to collect' his friends replaced them.

This is a time for him to create a small pocket…