Kim Clough's Miniature That Fits On Your Fingertip

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Miniature Food That Fits On Your Fingertip

By night, Kim Clough is a medical lab scientist. By day, however, she's a miniaturist who creates amazingly detailed miniature foods that can fit right on your fingertip.
"I love miniatures because it gives you a sense of being able to control a large part of the world in a small contained space,'' said Kim "Food is especially dear to me since it's universally relatable and there are so many different colors and textures to try to replicate."

The artist uses polymer clay to sculpt these cuties, and every miniature is no bigger than 1:12 of the size of whatever she happens to be recreating. Recently Kim has turned her attention to the different phases that food goes through during the process of decay, and this has inspired her newest series, titled"Decay in Miniature".

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1 Vegetable Stew And Rotisserie Chicken

2 Black Forest Cake

3 Mint Chocolate Chip

4 Cheese Variety

5 Bowl Of Fruit Passing Its Prime


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