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How Cute of Burger King Inspired Miniatures

Burger King Inspired Miniatures- Polymer Clay Tutorial

This is from youtube- SugarCharmShop

There are 1:12th scale miniatures. It seemed logical to make burgers when the place is called 'burger king'. So she made their whopper, the rodeo burger, onion rings and fries.

How Magic Clay Witches Made by Soft Air Dry Clay ?

Today I like to share with you the lovely witches, it is made by the super light clay, if you don't use the clay before, you can read this introduction of super light clay first.
How to Make the Magic Witches?
Material Used Super light clay Clay tool
First, make the grassland and some wood, and taking out the red clay to make the apple. Using a clay tool to pinch the clay, it will look more like the apple.
Second, take the clay to pressure teardrop-shaped, and combine them on the iron wire, make a left to deco. the flower is complete.
Third, take out the green and pink clay to combine together(make the witches' feet).  Using a clay tool to make the shoes, skirt and hat. Twist the square to like the body and long strip like the arm. Using skin color to making face and hand. put them together. the lovely witches is complete.
Using the same step to make a box of the apples
Pressure teardrop-shaped
Combine flower and leaf on the iron wire
Combine the green and pink color
Using clay tool t…

How to Handmade Lamb Farm with Oil Modeling Clay | MODOH

Animal Farm with Oil Based Modeling Clay
Simple clay modeling projects can be done at home or in the nursery for learning games. This is the best way to develop their skills through this clay modeling activity. Now try to use this tutorial for Farm with the sheep. If you never use oil-based clay before, this is our introduction to oil-based modeling clay.
How to Create the Sheet Farm By Modeling Clay? Prepare Material:  Oil Modeling Clay Clay Tool Cardboard Scissors Glue
First using black, white, and brown clay to mix the sheet body-color and sheep horns. Then take out the white clay to make the wool. brown clay to roll strip and using scissors to cut the blocky(making feet). 
Second, prepare the cardboard and glue it together, and using green color to coated to make grassland. Twist the grey color clay to make the stone to deco the grassland. Using Clay tool to make the fence, grass, and put on the lawn. The lamb farm is done.

Mix color
White color to make wool
Using a clay tool to make sticky

10 Polymer Clay Compilation of aCupOfCake TV

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Use the polymer modeling clay shape. Easy handmade is suitable the clay beginner.
She often get questions about how to make them for more than 2 people, you can often fix that by simply making a third charm that looks the same or split the food in 3 in stead.
If you are a beginner, you can skip some of the details for more simple design.

How to Store Air Modeling Clay?

Air-dry clay is such a fun clay and versatile product to use. if you don't store well, it will be air-dried, and you can't use it anymore. All types of clay are air-dried except oil-based modeling clay and polymer clay.
How do you keep air dry clay from drying out? The very best way to keep your clay from drying out is to store it in tightly sealed containers. I have used heavy duty ziplock bags and had much success with that simple method. Whatever container you use, you want to be able to keep the moisture level of the clay at the same place as when you first got your clay.

Put the unpack clay in a shady place. 3 ways of store the air dry clay. First way, put it directly into the chain bag and squeeze out of the air then put it in a sealed container to save. Second way, wrap it with plastic wrap and put it in a chain bag, and then put in a sealed box to save. Third, it can be placed in the cooler-compartment of the refrigerator. The clay should be sealed with a ziplock bag and …

[EASY handmade] cute soft clay giraffe: Fuchico on the Cup

After Japan Fuchico on the cup, we decide to make our own giraffe Fuchico on the cup. Today we like to sharing you,  How the lovely giraffe need to prepare. If you don't use the super light air dry clay before. This is my introduction of soft air dry clay, and  I usually use the Ly Hsin Super light Clay.
How to Make the Cute Giaffe:Fuchico on the Cup?
Material Used: Super Light Clay Clay Tool Glue
First, taking our the yellow clay to twist like teardrop-shaped (body) and oval (head). Using Clay tool to pressure the eye and mouth. Taking yellow and brown clay to twist little triangle and long strip to make ear and skinny feet. Glue up the body and face, face ,ears and skinny feet.
Second, twist the three-dimensional rectangle to make the arm and feet, and don't forgot the lovely tail. Third, pinch some little circle to make giaffe spot. All glue, the Giaffe Fuchico on the Cup is complete.

Twist like teardrop-shaped (body)
oval (head)
Glue head and body
Make trangle ears
Glue the ear
Glue the…

How Amazing Taiwan's Designer Become Clay Artist

Share Story 劉鳳珠(Liu Feng Zhu) a clay figurine teacher at Taiwan. she was work as a jewelry designer and also opened a talent class. she went abroad to Japan and South Korea to study.

She has created countless art works more than 30 years. Recognized human figures are clay figures. Whether traditional Chinese characters such as the Eighteen Arhats, Jigong or Japanese and Korean figures cartoon characters are pretty.

"As long as you are willing to learn, age is not a problem.''she said. Her students range from 3 to 80 years old. She believes that learning with your hearts is most important.

There was a 80-year-old grandmother who studied for ten years. The more courses, her works are amazing but unexpectedly make the home full of artistic vitality.

How to Cute Easter Eggs With Foam Bead Clay?

Today,  I like to share with you the Easter Egg made by the foam bead clay, it is easy to handmade and suit to the clay beginner. if you don't use the foam clay before, you can read the introduction of foam clay.

How to Make The Cute Easter Egg With Foam Clay?
Prepare the foam clay, keyring, plastic eyes, and glue. take out the white color to make an egg shape. and use pink clay to pinch the ear, nose, and mouth. Glue up the plastic eyes, and put the keyring on it, the Easter Egg is complete.
The shape of eggs 
Put in the keyrings
Make the ear, nose, mouth.
Easter Eggs

If you interested our info welcome to Alibaba / Website or just leave a message to us.

Hand-Sculpted Illustrations by Irma Gruenholz

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Irma Gruenholz is a clay artist from Madrid, who not only has a great talent for illustration but also for creating clay sculptures. She makes very poetic compositions with her hands which she then takes a picture of. A universe of great beauty to discover in the rest of the article.

How to handmade deco sweet ice cream by whipped cream clay?

The polymer clay make pretty ice cream!!! If u like it ,please follow the video and make polymer clay with me!
prepare: soft clay, whipped cream clay, resin clay(thai clay) and clay tool

Feature of soft clay :Light air dry clay is a water-based clay. It is light weight, extremely soft touch and does not stick to your fingers. You can change the color of the clay to any color you like. It is suitable for creating delicate objects like flowers and intricate jewelries as well as sculptures, magnets and others. Once dry it remains flexible yet firm. It can be painted and it can protected with varnish.
Feature of cream clay:Cream clay is air-dried clay and looks like real whipped cream. It is very tough are high toughness but also easy to shape. It is ideal for creating miniature items like fake cake accessories (ice cream, macaroon, doughnut, cake, scrambled eggs, etc),nail art works, jewelries, and decorations for cell phones.
Feature of resin clay:The texture of resin clay such as Fimo…

How to Make Clay Candle Holder Step by Step? | MODOH

This dinosaur eggs candle holder is made by air dry clay, Air-dry clay is one of the most common materials. The texture is smooth and easy to shape. You can make and combine different pieces of clay with glue. There is no need for the kiln or oven for it to become a hard solid. When it is dry, it can be decorated with acrylic paints or watercolors. Keep unused clay in a box or plastic bag. You can keep them for as long as you like.
Pre-Work To Make Candle Holder. What material needs to prepare? Balloon, Clay Tool, Paper Clay, Acrylic Paint, A Cup Of Water, and Glue. First, blow a balloon (how big decide of your mind.) and roll flat the paper clay that could be coated the ballon. If you feel the coated paper clay isn't flat, can use less water to make paper clay smooth.
Blow the Balloon Using Clay Roll to roll flat air dry clay Use less water to make air dry clay smooth Need to air dry three day
How To Make Dinosaur Eggs Candle Holder? After Air-dry three days, the air dry paper clay is dr…