How to Make Ice Cream With Air Dry Clay?

Hello, Today I want to share with you the air dry soft clay ice cream. Ice Cream as an artwork theme is always a good idea. Especially when it comes to decorating your cupboard or desktop. However, once you learn the wonders of air-dry clay you will love it and keep busy in making kinds of fun and simulation DIY projects.  Anyway, if you don't use the air dry soft clay before, you can read the introduction of the air dry soft clay first.

How to Make Ice Cream With Air Dry Clay?

First, prepare the super light soft clay, cream clay, resin cold porcelain clay, and cup.
Taking out the soft clay(brown, light blue, white color) rub long and mix the color, and put the clay into the cup and just like the bottom. Second, using cream clay squeezes out, just like the ice cream. Third, using cold porcelain clay to make some chocolate to deco.  All the deco is done, the ice cream is complete.

Mix color

Put in the cup to like the bottom

Squeezes out cream clay

Ice cream

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