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Everyone had read "The Little Pigs" this story, there have three lovely pigs. Modeling clay can be used to illustrate any of your kids' favorite fairy tales. these cute little piggies can be used as ornaments, given, and gift. They are easy to create and very adorable.

Pre-Work to Make The Three Little Pigs
What material needs to prepare? Soft air dry clay(Pink, White, and another color you like), clay tools, and black marker pen. This is our favorite soft clay and clay tools.

How to make The Little Pigs?
First, round the pink super light clay, and use the clay tool to pressure the shape that makes the feet. Second, take a less white color clay to make the belly(small circle). and take the less pink clay make ear, tail, and nose. A little black circle makes eyes. Third, using orange color to rub a long strip and push it; keeping used the clay tool to pressure the shape that the scarf is done.

You can use the same step to make the second pig, mold-making can be different. DIY the little pigs with us. Make your handmade work more delicate.

Use the clay tool to make foot

Use the marker to draw belly button

Rub the long strip

Pressure and cut to scarf shape 

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