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How to Reuse the Air Dry Clay to Make Decoration? | MODOH

  Handmade Air Dry Clay Decorations Hi, today I want to share you how to make the decoration with drying clay.This is my favorite air dry clay , you can take a look. if you don't use the air dry paper clay before, please read this introduction of air dry paper clay . How to Reuse the Air Dry Clay to Make Decoration? Material Use: Container Paper clay Water Gloves First, take out the container, put the paper clay and water together. Stir them, until the air dry clay dissolves like the water. Second, taking the gloves pour the air dry clay and tie up. After air-dry five days. take out the gloves and paint on the hand decoration. Drying clay mix water Make air dry clay like the water Pour in the gloves Hand Decoration You may be interested in .... Air dry clay: Easy Way to Learn About Paper Clay Ly Hsin Modeling Clay Expert Manufacturer of Taiwan What is Different of Water Based Air dry Clay & Oil Based Non Dry Clay? The Smart Animal of The Sea-Octopuses Make by Modeling Clay If y

How to Make Eastern Zombie and Western Zombic With Air Dry Clay?

Chinese Zombic V.S. Western Zombic Halloween   or  Hallowe'en  (a contraction of  Hallows' Even  or  Hallows' Evening ),   also known as  Allhalloween ,   All Hallows' Eve,  or  All Saints' Eve ,  is a celebration  observed in many countries  on 31 October.  When Halloween coming soon, do you know Chinese zombic and western zombic is different?  How to make the zombic by the soft air-dry clay? today, l want to share with you. if you don't use the soft air dry clay before, welcome to read this introduction to soft air dry clay . How to Make Eastern Zombie and Western Zombic With Air Dry Clay? Prepare material: Super light air dry clay clay tool glue Heartwood First, take black and blue clay to make the Chinese Zombic body, arm, and hand. you can use heartwood to combine the arm with the body. Second, using light blue and black clay to pinch the face and hair, using clay tool to  engraved the hair shape. and put on the hat.    Third, using yellow clay to cut the l