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How to Make Clay of The God of wealth | MODOH

The God of wealth
Caishen (traditional Chinese財神lit.: 'God of Wealth') is the mythological figure worshipped in the Chinese folk religion and Taoism. He has been identified with many historical figures, viewed as his embodied forms, among whom Zhao Gongming (趙公明, Wade–GilesChao Kung-ming; also known as Zhao Gong Yuanshuai趙公元帥 "Lord Zhao the Marshal"), Fan Li, and Bi Gan.[1] A large temple of Caishen has been built in the 2000s in ZhouzhiXi'anShaanxi.

How to Make Caishen by Reuse Oil Modeling Clay?
Material Used: Oil Modeling Clay Clay tool A Bottle Scissors Toothpick
First, Prepare the modeling clay for red. Using the bottle bottom to pressure the cover shape. when the cover is complete, you can modify it with the scissors and make creases by hand. Then roll the long strip ribbon to deco the cover. Second, take out red clay to make the body and face, using skin clay make the face and clay tool to sculpt(and make eye, moustache). Using toothpick to fix head and bo…

The Most Fantasy Animal Modeling Sculptures-Evgeny Hontor

Share Story Russian Artist Creates Fantasy Animal Sculptures From Velvet Clay (85 Pics)
Demiurgus Dreams is a studio, founded by Evgeny Hontor, where amazing fantasy animal sculptures are born. Evgeny Hontor started sculpting in 2006 and founded his Etsy shop in 2012. Now Demiurgus Dreams has a large following of more than 34k admirers and it's easy to understand why. The studio creates stunning, intricate animal sculptures from velvet clay. Artworks stand out with their unique, detailed style that was perfected for 6 years by the owner of the studio. These light sculptures fascinate with tiny details, swirls, and other textures. The creator, Evgeny Hontor, explains why he likes fantasy style "It is beautiful. It is the creation of the world. You can get carried away and explore new opportunities. It is a philosophy of life - to create. For me it is." No wonder that these animal sculptures look like straight from a magical fairytale.

More info: Etsy written by https://ww…

The Most Beautiful Thing Is See Shapes Come To Life-Stefano Colferai

Share storyStefano Colferai is from Milan, Italy. He is good at using plasticine(clay) to shape some sneakers and trendy items. Because of his unique technique, he attracted everyone's attention. Attach his work for everyone to see!

while Stefano works in a style similar to the classic claymation comedy series, his works capture and celebrate contemporary pop culture: a bust of Drake, a layered rainbow cake, an ugly-cool Balenciaga Triple S sneaker.

Colorful and comedic, Stefano's quirky sculptures reflect his major interests - music, art, sneakers, and food. The latter he makes quick replicas of to exorcise his cravings when he's hungry and as an Italian, pasta, vegetables, and fruit are often on the miniature menu.
The humans he molds are often people he's seen on the street - a hip couple playing whack-a-mole at an arcade, the doner kebab guy - but sometimes he creates caricatures of his idols, complete with sticking out ears and expressive eyes.
"When I pay homage…

What is Feature of the Oven Bake Polymer Clay?

Polymer ClayWhat is polymer clay?Polymer clay is made from synthetic materials that include PVC powder and pigments. Commonly known as oven-bake clay, will stay soft and pliable in room temperature. It will be hardened when baked in the oven at 110 ~ 130 °C and set up for 12~15 minutes (About 1 cm thick works), and can be re-baked as needed.How to use polymer clay?► Polymer clay is easy to shape, and it can be used to create anything from beads andcharms to sculptures and mugs. It is perfect for jewelry, home decoration, mixed media,seasonal items, and more.► Polymer clay generally needs to be conditioned before use, like kneading the clay by hand, roll with a rolling pin. Once conditioned, the clay will remain pliable until the particles eventually re-adhere.►Polymer clay can be used to cover anything that won't burn during firing, such as wood, frames, pens, and mirrors. To create your own colors, polymer clay can be formulated like paint, or colored with chalk, ink, glitter, a…

What Is The Feature of Resin for Clay Air Dry?

What is resin cold porcelain clay?Resin clay is made of combinations of resin and starch. It has a smooth, silky, and flexible texture, which is easy to shape and won’t stick to your fingers. It will become waterproof, extremely strong, and durable after dry.How to use resin clay?► Resin clay has bright and translucent color, which is suitable for creating craft like food,cake and jewelry.► It will harden in 1-2 days at normal room temperature and can be colored by acrylic paint.►The rest of the clay can be sprayed with some water on the surface, and stored in a sealed bag.Resin Clay Certification LY HSIN has already obtained a series of authoritative certifications in the industry of toys supplies like ISO9001, SGS, TÜV Rheinland, EN71, and so on. 

☑️ On-Time Delivery ☑️ Respond Quickly to Customers' Need ☑️ Safety Material Produce Quality Clay ☑️  SGS・ASTM・EN71・TUV Rheinland  ☑️ All Type of Ly Hsin Modeling Clay Have Widely Use Resin clay craft

How to use Foam Clay?

What is foam bead clay?Foam clay is a special clay that kids can play with. It is a modeling material with small beads, also can play with slime.
How to use foam clay?► Air dry, No baking, and not sticky your finger.► Colors can be mixed to create new, vibrant colors.► Having special and unique texture after drying► Often used in the mosaic of other clay, or decorative rendering, as decorative painting, but also suitable for the production of large-scale works.
Foam Clay Certification LY HSIN has already obtained a series of authoritative certifications in the industry of toys supplies like ISO9001, SGS, TÜV Rheinland, EN71, and so on. TÜV Rheinland

What is the Feature of the Wood Timber Modeling Clay?

Wood Clay What is wood clay?Wooden clay is water-based clay. It's non-toxic, lightweight with a rough texture. Wood clay has wood incense and texture. It can be decorated with acrylic and oil paint.How to use wood clay?► Great plasticity, easy to shape, No baking, and not sticky your finger.► Air-hardening with 1-2 days. Wood modeling clay can use a Christmas DIY set or gift.► It can be decorated with acrylic paints or watercolors.
Timber Modeling Clay Certification LY HSIN has already obtained a series of authoritative certifications in the industry of toys supplies like ISO9001, SGS, TÜV Rheinland, EN71, and so on. TÜV Rheinland

Where to Buy Soft Clay : Colorful Ultra Light Clay Ideas

Soft Light Clay What is soft air-dry clay?Light air dry clay is water-based clay. It is a lightweight, extremely soft touch, and does not stick to your fingers. The texture is stretchy. Naturally dry and no baking and it takes 24-48 hours to harden. It is easier to make and more comfortable to shape, more suitable for modeling, and the artwork is very cute.What is the feature of soft air dry clay?► Extra light, soft, no baking modeling clay.► Colors can be mixed to create new, vibrant colors.► Made with natural paper fibers, high ductility, and plasticity.► It is suitable for creating delicate objects like flowers and intricate jewelry as well as sculptures, magnets, and others. Once dry it remains flexible yet firm.► It can be engraved, impressed by stamps, and worked to create 3D decorations.►It can be painted and it can be protected with varnish.