What Is The Feature of Resin for Clay Air Dry?

What is resin cold porcelain clay?

Resin clay is made of combinations of resin and starch. It has a smooth, silky, and flexible texture, which is easy to shape and won’t stick to your fingers. It will become waterproof, extremely strong, and durable after dry.

How to use resin clay?

Resin clay has bright and translucent color, which is suitable for creating craft like food,

cake and jewelry.

It will harden in 1-2 days at normal room temperature and can be colored by acrylic paint.

The rest of the clay can be sprayed with some water on the surface, and stored in a sealed bag.


Resin Clay Certification

 LY HSIN has already obtained a series of authoritative certifications in the industry of toys supplies like ISO9001, SGS, TÜV Rheinland, EN71, and so on. 

☑️ On-Time Delivery
☑️ Respond Quickly to Customers' Need
☑️ Safety Material Produce Quality Clay
☑️  SGS・ASTM・EN71・TUV Rheinland 
☑️ All Type of Ly Hsin Modeling Clay Have Widely Use

Where can use the modeling clay?
Newborn Baby: Handprint footprint clay kit suit for newborn baby or pet that the growing footprint to keep saving forever.

Parent-child DIY: Our all type of clay suit to kids and adult make parent-child, lover, friendship, and any relationship better.

Handmade Lover: All types of our clay suitable for any kind of handmade lover. Our product can mix slime, color or paint..etc, all you wanted you just do it.

Art Exhibits: You can see clay is applicate in any place, art exhibits, artwork, toy road..etc. Let Ly Hsin bring your art dream come true.

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