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The Most Fantasy Animal Modeling Sculptures-Evgeny Hontor

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Russian Artist Creates Fantasy Animal Sculptures From Velvet Clay (85 Pics)

Demiurgus Dreams is a studio, founded by Evgeny Hontor, where amazing fantasy animal sculptures are born.
Evgeny Hontor started sculpting in 2006 and founded his Etsy shop in 2012. Now Demiurgus Dreams has a large following of more than 34k admirers and it's easy to understand why.
The studio creates stunning, intricate animal sculptures from velvet clay. Artworks stand out with their unique, detailed style that was perfected for 6 years by the owner of the studio. These light sculptures fascinate with tiny details, swirls, and other textures.
The creator, Evgeny Hontor, explains why he likes fantasy style "It is beautiful. It is the creation of the world. You can get carried away and explore new opportunities. It is a philosophy of life - to create. For me it is." No wonder that these animal sculptures look like straight from a magical fairytale.

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