The Most Beautiful Thing Is See Shapes Come To Life-Stefano Colferai

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Stefano Colferai is from Milan, Italy. He is good at using plasticine(clay) to shape some sneakers and trendy items. Because of his unique technique, he attracted everyone's attention. Attach his work for everyone to see!

while Stefano works in a style similar to the classic claymation comedy series, his works capture and celebrate contemporary pop culture: a bust of Drake, a layered rainbow cake, an ugly-cool Balenciaga Triple S sneaker.

Colorful and comedic, Stefano's quirky sculptures reflect his major interests - music, art, sneakers, and food. The latter he makes quick replicas of to exorcise his cravings when he's hungry and as an Italian, pasta, vegetables, and fruit are often on the miniature menu.

The humans he molds are often people he's seen on the street - a hip couple playing whack-a-mole at an arcade, the doner kebab guy - but sometimes he creates caricatures of his idols, complete with sticking out ears and expressive eyes.

"When I pay homage to Amy Winehouse or Keith Haring with a portrait it's because they represent a push towards achieving a goal, " he says. "It's their story that distinguishes them and makes them unique and inspiring to me as a person and an artist." Even his inanimate objects - a bowl of ramen, a pair of Nikes - are given character through tiny friendly faces, and he brings them further to life through stop-motion loops.

It was at a Disney exhibition six years ago that Stefano first fell in love with sculpted characters. He became fascinated with giving from a flat sketch on paper. He found 3D software too complicated though, so he turned to clay. "The most beautiful thing is to see shaped come to life," he says.

"I want my images to be as spontaneous as possible. I almost never fix anything."

Stefano starts each figure by warming a lump of plasticine in his hands. He decides on his color palette by mixing various colors together like paint to get new shades. He then molds the crude lumps by hand before he moves onto tools to scrape, smooth, and finesse the finer details.

If he plans on animating the piece, he makes a bendable aluminum wireframe onto which he presses the plasticine."It's really playful because it makes my hands dirty," he says,"and playing with organic material opens my mind to new ideas."


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