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After all the clay decorating ideas that we presented in this blogger, today we've decided to present you a lovely design of handmade ornaments made from Soft clay and Fake Deco Sauce. These simulation cookies can be used for decorating or to be made like the earring or necklace, sharing with your Best Friend.

Pre-work make Deco Sauce Cookies
Prepare material: Soft clay, Fake deco sauce, Clay tool(mold), Color toner, Plastic eyes.
We use the yellow super light clay with clay mold to made cookies shape. and using brown, pink, white deco sauce to adornment the cookies.

How To Make Simulation Deco Sauce Cookies?
First, roll flat the sift clay and take the mold to push the shape you like. Using the clay tool, making cookies edge more like the real. Paint on the toner more like the oven bake dessert. Second, take the deco sauce to topped the clay cookies. Make it delicious.
if you feel this is simply not good looking, you can put on the plastic eyes like us. more funny and interested.

Clay mold to make cookies

Using a tool cut the side

Color toner

Paint on the color toner

Using deco jam to paint on it

Put on the plastic eyes to deco

Sweet deco cookies are done.

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