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Animal Farm with Oil Based Modeling Clay

Simple clay modeling projects can be done at home or in the nursery for learning games. This is the best way to develop their skills through this clay modeling activity. Now try to use this tutorial for Farm with the sheep. If you never use oil-based clay before, this is our introduction to oil-based modeling clay.

How to Create the Sheet Farm By Modeling Clay?

Prepare Material: 
Oil Modeling Clay
Clay Tool

First using black, white, and brown clay to mix the sheet body-color and sheep horns. Then take out the white clay to make the wool. brown clay to roll strip and using scissors to cut the blocky(making feet). 

Second, prepare the cardboard and glue it together, and using green color to coated to make grassland. Twist the grey color clay to make the stone to deco the grassland.
Using Clay tool to make the fence, grass, and put on the lawn. The lamb farm is done.

Mix color

White color to make wool

Using a clay tool to make sticky

Scissors to make the feet


Glue it together

Using green color to make grassland

Stone to deco pond

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