What is Different of Water Based Air dry Clay & Oil Based Non Dry Clay?

Type of water-based clay : 

Feature :
Air dry, Easy to mix color, Easy to clean up, Easy to shape, Nontoxic, Safety.

Air-dry clays are all water-based, although the rest of their ingredients can vary a huge amount as well as the characteristics of each. Many air-dry clays can be made at home, and some can be purchased. Air-dry clays all “dry” to harden because they’re water-based.

If you don't use these types of clay before, you can refer :

Modeling clay, Modeling clay 12 colors

How to use oil modeling clay?

Oil clay has a smooth, high plasticity texture and features a low melt

temperature, which can be shaped and molded easily.

► Oil modeling clay usually is used as teaching material. Kneading clay helps to

develop and strengthen the muscles of children's hands and fingers.

When the modeling clay sets up, it will be firm enough to hold fine detail. It is

suitable for molding prototypes and making sculptures

Our modeling clay is sulfur-free, which is compatible with platinum silicone molding


Difference between water-based clay and oil-based clay
The difference between the two is the water-based clay will be air dry and oil-based clay will not dry and can be reused. All types of clay will vary in softness and hardness due to weather changes. If water-based clay feels a little hard during use, you can add some water to soften it, and oil-based clay can be softened by using a hairdryer. 

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