Ly Hsin Modeling Clay Expert Manufacturer Of Taiwan/ OEM ODM

If you interested our info welcome

Every unique artwork starts with imagination. We’ve always been in realize your creation.

Since 1980,  our mission is to bring joy to the people. Professional manufacture that we concerted with the design, development, and production of clay in Taiwan.

From 2014 to 2018, each year donate clay products for elementary school clubs. They usually born in vulnerable families, we hope they can own the same resources. We corporate with university clubs through teaching to help children have more knowledge and imagination.

Now, We know creation out of thin air is the best remedy in life. It is a pleasure to create your own artwork with your hands. This is the intangible fun and power that clay brings to people. Clay not only stimulates the imagination and creativity of children but also creates a world of hand creation and healing for adults and achieves relaxation of body and mind.

✔High-quality standards


✔Smooth texture

✔Easy to shape

✔Comply with safety standards EN71 part1.2.3 and ASTM D4236/F963

✔Comply with TÜV's corporate operation certification


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