Oil Modeling Clay Handmade Sunflower Paint

Making Sunny Sunflower By Oil Modeling Clay

Sunflower symbolizes worship, loyalty, and longevity. Most of the meaning of sunflower comes from its namesake sun. The uniqueness of these flowers is that they can provide energy in the form of nutrition and vitality-reflecting the characteristics of the sun and its heat and light energy.

Sunflowers are known as "happy" flowers and are the perfect gift for people to spend happy hours.

How to Make Sunflower Paint?

Material Used :
Oil Modeling Clay
Clay Tool

First, make a background. Using color modeling clay to make gradient colors(we use blue, green, white.) and using a roller to roll it until the color you like. Second, using green clay to roll the long strip to make the sunflower stem and put it on the background. 

All background is done. It's starting to making sunflower. Prepare the green clay and yellow clay, and using clay scraper to make the leaves and petal. Taking out of the dark color to make the flower stamen. All put on the paint, the sunflower is complete.

Making gradient color paint.

The gradient color paint background

Flour stem to deco paint

Using clay scraper to shape the leaves.

Put on the leaves to the stem

Making flower petal

Making sunflower stamen

Put petal combine the stamen

The Sunflower is done.

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