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Handmade Cat Photo Frame by Air Dry Clay

Photo frames can make any home feel more comfortable than usual. And, if you want something unique, then you should consider making an air dry clay photo frame. The price of photo frames can be very expensive, so it is not surprising that more and more people are starting to use expensive materials to make photo frames. If you don't use the air dry clay before, this is our introduction of air dry paper clay.

How to DIY Air Dry Clay Photo Frame?

Material Used:
Air Dry Clay
Watercolor and Waterpaint
Clay Tool

First taking out the paper clay to roll flat that making background. Second, making the cat face (or any animal you like) with clay tools. And roll the little round to make eye and paw. Using glue to the background. Third, make some furniture to deco this background(like a window, wardrobe). Prepare the watercolor to paint on it. The cat frame is complete.

Clay Background

Making eye

Animal Paw

Little cute cat

Glue on it

Making a window

Using watercolor to paint it

Clay Photo Frame

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