The Smart Animal of Sea-Octopuses Make by Modeling Clay

The smart animal of the sea - Octopuses
Today I like to share with you, how to make Octopuses with the soft air-dry clay, if you don't use the soft air-dry clay before, this is the introduction of soft air dry clay. This is my favorite soft clay, you can reference it.

How to Make the Octopuses With the Soft Air Dry Clay?

Material Used
Soft Air Dry Clay
Clay tool

First, taking out red color(you can choose what color you like)  and pinch oval.

Second, pressure half of the oval, and using a clay tool to cut the shape of Octopuses feet and roll-up.

Third, make the eye, mouth, and hat to deco the face, the Octopuses is complete.

Pinch the oval

Pressure half of the oval

Clay tool to make the feet

Roll-up the feet 

making the eye and deco face 

Deco face with mouth and hat

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