DIY Bottle Clay House With Soft Air Dry Clay Step-By-Step | MODOH

Clay House in Glass Bottle💓 

Pre-work with Clay House
Prepare a glass bottle, clay tool, polymer clay, light clay, and foam clay, choosing the color that you like, and want to make in the bottle. Start handmade now!

How to Make the Clay House Bottle?
First, put the polymer clay into the bottle to make the ground(we use the green color).
and use another color to make a trail road, stone, grass, and flower to deco the ground. you can make different deco things to make clay house more colorful and diverse.

Second, we use white and red colors to create the house (the house design refers to the mushroom magic house on google.)  When the house and ground are done. put into the oven bake for 5 minutes. when we wait for the oven bake, we can use the soft light clay and foam clay to decorate the cover. We use the air-dry foam clay to create the snowing bottom. and use super light clay to make a sweet house on it. 

Deco the ground
Oven bakes 5 minutes.

Soft clay with lovely house 

Foam clay to deco the cover

The clay house is done

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