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Light Air Dry Clay BookMark

Today, I'm sharing this Cute Soft Clay Bookmark Tutorial. This lovely little book is simple to make and looks funny in a book or planner. if you haven't worked with the soft clay before, check out my introduction Soft Clay for the basics!

Soft Air Dry Clay Bookmark Tutorial


Soft clay (any color you like)
Clay tool
Metal paper clip

Start to take some red clay and rolling it in the oval, which uses your hand to shape the water chestnut in clay. And take out the clay tool to make the little hole (that can put in the eyes and mouth). Using a clay tool to make the tooth real. after that put the Metal paper clip in the bottom. Remember need to put the glue on clay to clay or clay to clip before.
Shape Water Chestnut

Make a little hole 

Need to put glue before putting in the eye

Put in eyes

Need to put glue before putting in the metal paper clip

Three Eye Monster is complete

How to make the Pink Shark Monster?
The steps are almost like the Three eyes monster. You can use imagination to create own monster bookmark. Just remember the need to glue on every step, when the monster bookmark complete, need to air-dry about 24 hours.

The faces of a pink monster

Glue it before putting in the metal paper clip

Pink Shark Moster is done

This is my favorite soft clay set

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