How Reality Miniature Arts World Of Resin Clay Artist

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邱 紹松 Qiu Shaosong, The original military hotel industry was a key training cadre of the company. he had more than 20 years experience and his boss wanted to let him to other exhibition shop. He declined on the grounds of his parents' health. The boss didn't give up and he set up a new business development department for him to manage. He simply asked to leave while the company was reorganizing. After quitting work, he traveled to Thailand. One day he saw a hawker selling pocket flowers on the side of the road. The degree of realism made him impossible.

He talked while observing each other's methods. After returning to Taiwan, He tried to do it himself. He start from Lintong Orchid at first because he usually likes to plant flowers.

He made clay flowers that were comparable to the real thing. 'why do you sell them like this? you should reduce the size to make it easier to collect' his friends replaced them.

This is a time for him to create a small pocket world.

He start to sell his works in Hualien, Taiwan. At first, the works insufficient creation quantity, he also sold clothing, jewelry and Southeast Asian arts. After 20 years, the variety and quantity of clay products in the store are already innumerable.
Fresh vegetable and fruit stand, ancient early tangerine shop, noodle stand, pastry bakery, salt crisp chicken, Chinese medicine shop, every gadget in Qiu Shaosong's pocket world is fascination.

Take a closer look, without any flaws. Are these really fake? He smile and said ‘Every time I see a customer's incredible expression, I will tell the other person that the shop is fake, only I am real.'

After studying in Japan, he watched a variety show and found that the contestants used resin clay to make mini vegetables and fruits, and then they made it together.
'As long as you know how to observe, the inspiration in life is that if you want to pinch greens, go to the vegetable market to see the stand' he said.

People often ask why can he do like this. "There are three steps to making clay. The first is to shape the body image, which is like the basic requirements. Second, color it. how to make it look pleasing to the eye, instead of being vulgar and fake. make them to inject vitality.'

Three steps to reach the realm of truth, goodness and beauty.

He took the vegetable stall as an example,"The dishes in different seasons can not put together and then the color configuration of various dishes must be adjust, how to make the stalls fluctuate, and the overall smoothness. Some people will pinch but the coloring and color matching are not good enough. Some people can pinch and mix colors but they don't know how to spread. All the dishes on the vegetable stalls are lines up but the real-life vegetable stalls are not at all."

When someone asked, "What percentage of this?"  He would answer  "I don't count a few percentages, it's just feeling." "it's not a building model. These are living things. Vegetables, fruits and fish are different in size. It's like a fruit stand, first make an apple, papaya and pineapple next to it. I will think about each other. The relative proportion between them is good to me, thy is it limited by a few points?"

Because when you are interested in doing things, there is no business pressure and you don't want to compare with anyone. He cherishes every piece of work, preferring to make less, rather than sell it to people who don't really like it. Some unscrupulous customers casually criticized, " Isn't this a dead fish? It's so expensive. Is there a cheaper refrigerator sticker?" he would let  the other party to the souvenir shop next to his store and post a notice." The work is exciting and the price is painful." Automatic filtering of Austrian guests.

One of the motivations for Qiu Shaosong's creation is to preserve the disappearing scenery of ordinary people.

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