Miniature Art 1:12 Taiwan Temple By Modeling Clay

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Delicate objects clay artist 陳奕璇 create the largest work "Landlord and Guardian" in 8 years. It took one year to complete. The village land temple that in memory as a child is reduced in size to reproduce the emotions and memories of old times. The details are amazing. Endlessly, especially the pineapple balls and eight immortals are complicated and delicate. Netizens praised "Master" and also attracted the attention of many temple model players.

Her Delicate House works took a year to complete.  Each length and width is 100 and 68 centimeters. The temple was reduced to a 1:12 ratio.

In front of the carved gold furnace, a grandma was bending over to pick up the falling paper money; lifelike tribute was placed on the table; children playing on the wooden boards around the land: there are some people sitting on benches near the temple; there are grasses growing quietly in the roof gutter, the whole work reproduces the land in everyone's memory-temple, long-forgotten was called out instantly.

She creative this work without a teacher. She has very great patience and perseverance. "When I made a pineapple ball, I bought a real one for dismantling and research. Cut 480 sheets of paper and applied 2400 times of glue. Finally, complete one successful." she happily said.

The exquisite "Eight Immortals" is very awesome. it has also attracted the attention of many palace and temple model players. Even some people want to buy it.

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