Sculptor of Humanoid by Air Dry Paper clay

Keep Your Own Path 

游曜鴻 is from Yilan, Taiwan. When he was young, he always went to the temple to worship the Buddha and worship the gods. He was particularly interested in the Buddhas, bodhisattvas and idols in the temple and thought they were beautiful. Once he naively asked his mother if he could buy a Buddha statue with fifty dollar. He interest in figurines was learned and brought into play in making noodles. His kneaders have done very well and his works have participated in bazaars many times. This is both an honor and a recognition for children in their teens.

After graduating and serving he stepped into the work that society needs to decide to do, he made up his mind to go back to the path he was really interested in " the human figure". This time he chose air dry paper clay, hoping to use it teaching as a starting point for his career. Although he has the skills and experience of noodles, paper clay is a different material for him after all so he decide to give himself two years without a teacher, with the determination of "becoming successful without success". He devoted himself entirely to the study of air dry clay sculptures including constant reading operations and observing other people's works. Two years later, he opened himself fist exhibition of air dry clay sculptures. Unexpectedly, the world gave him a very good evaluation which increased his confidence and courage to go down the road of human sculpture. Fifteen years later, you have finally achieved today's brilliant results. 游曜鴻 said that it was the right way to adhere to it.

"kids" is one of themes of 游曜鴻's performance. the series have rice facial expressions which fully show the innocence and liveliness of children. Other character series also focus on the changes of various facial expression of joy, anger and sorrow which can be wonderful. Although the characters portrayed by 游曜鴻, they are old, small, male, female, modern and traditional. They can be described as having different forms and different characteristics but the artist admits that what he most like is the works of gods and Buddhas.

Realize That There Is No Shortcut To Learning Art, It Is Continuous Practice.

Human-shaped sculptures are difficult to create and the facial features are even more difficult because they have to look like naturally and also have vitality and rich expressions. Each of the extremely delicate and complex humanoid work in the studio was crafted by 游曜鴻 with fast and great skilled hands; This kind of incredible and magical technique has been passed through for nearly two year. It took ten years of continuous learning to figure it out.

The artist hard work without a teacher. he has always emphasized to the students that this technique of seeing the truth is completely unpredictable. Only continuous practice can make perfect works. When you asked what conditions are required to engage in humanoid creation, he said that with his suggestions, it would be of great help of he had a good foundation in sketching. As long as you really like it, you just can work harder than others. There is nothing you can't do. Taking his learning history as an example."After you have done 10,000 figures, you can grasp the trick" he said.

Willing To Be A Serious And Secretive Teacher

In order to stimulate the student's willingness to learn and to make the students feel that the teacher will always have treasures to dig, he did not dare to keep studying and creating. Because of this strict self-hardening, he can keep him flowing. Make amazing works. In the process of interacting with students, 游曜鴻 deeply realized the inspiration and benefit of " teaching merits" to his own creation. You always teach as much as possible and the students listen more carefully, practice and discuss with the teacher. so that people can feel their teacher and students has harmonious teaching atmosphere.

Teacher always condenses years of creative experience and then teaches to students in the most efficient way. His teaching process is also very open. He doesn't hide anything at all and even allows students to take a video camera to take pictures of the entire teaching process. When they go home, they can watch it repeatedly. Students feel that under the guidance of teacher 游 can save a lot of self-exploration. however, they also know that whether it is learning or skills, the student can only learn the truth through continuous and solid practice.



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