How to Make A Clay Pen Holder ?

How to Make A Pen Holder?
Pen, Market pen, ... there are pens everywhere. It's time to make a pen holder. today, we will teach you how to make a clay pen holder. You can make these in a whole bunch of colors and designs, customizing them to your liking.

What's Material Needs To Prepare?
  • Air dry paper clay in various colors of your choice.
  • Broken flower pot or Glasses tumbler
  • Clay tool
  • Shears/ Scissors
  • Pigment
Preliminary Work Of Night Sky Pen Holder 
First, prepare air dry clay(any color you like). We used fresh paper clay to mix the drying clay. Second, use the clay tool to roll, again and again, until the clay color you like and roll flat. Make the modeling clay have a large area to coat the glasses(we use the broken flower). Notice, the clay needs to consistent thickness.

Use fresh clay mix drying(used) clay

Roll flat and have a large area

Paper clay consistent thickness

When the clay coat the glasses, you can use less water to make the paper clay to smooth and roll flat with the roll tool on it. the pen holder is almost done. you can cut the hole that could hang up the wall or hall.

Spread some water to make it smooth

Roll it

Cut the hole to hang up

Make the shape and a smaller pen holder on it

Draw and Done Paper Clay Pen Holder
After the paper holder model air-dried(about three days). You can draw anything you like on it. We love the starry sky, so we do it.  When the drawing is done, you need to wait for the pigment air-dried and spray the bright varnish of waterproof. Your PEN HOLDER is done.

Draw starry sky

Use bright varnish of waterproof

Night Sky Pen Holder

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