How to Soft Clay make Succulent Plants?

There is my lovely soft clay and foam clay

Miniature Succulents Plants, DIY-Soft Clay with Foam Clay
Make your own miniature faux succulent plant with ultralight clay and foam bead clay, you don't need to take care (water) of it.

Create miniature cactus for your fairy garden, dollhouse, or miniature collection. Or you can make them simply because they are adorable. These tiny succulents can easily be recreated with a little patience and lots of fun.

Don't give up to create this mini succulent plant, When it almost has done, you will be happy. Let' watch this video to get your ideas.

How to Make the Miniature Succulents Plants?
Prepare the soft clay, foam clay, glue, and clay tools. Then we can start to make a simulation succulents plant. 

First, chose the light blue color soft clay to roll it, and then use the clay tool to make it like the leaf, repeat the action until about 10 leaves.  Second, use the clay to make one round, and use glue to make the leaves glutinous.

clay tool make the leaf shape
clay tool make the leaf shape

use glue to glutinous soft clay

First FAUX succulent has done

How to Make Cute Root Succulent?
Take the pink ultra-light clay, rub an oval with hand, and using a clay tool to push the soft clay with petal shape. Do it again until the petal is enough to make the plant.  

Use foam clay to make the terra bottom that we can glue the soft clay petal on it. and complete the root succulent.
clay tool to push the soft clay with petal shape

foam clay to make the terra bottom

Root succulent is done. 

How To Make The Cactus?
First, mix the clay to blend dark and light color, and roll the clay into the strip.

Second, use the toothbrush to push the clay, more look like cactus.
Green add white clay 👉 Light green clay
Green add brown clay 👉 Dark green clay
Dark color/Light color /Normal color

Use the toothbrush to make cactus texture

A Simulation Succulent Plants 
Finally, use the brown clay to make the potted plants, and glue all the plant together.
The simulation succulent plant is done! Put the folder, you can put this artwork in anywhere you like. It is easy and useful.
Potted plants

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