How to Make Carnation By Air Dry Clay?

Use Light Air Dry Clay to Make Carnation to Mom
Carnation for Mother's Day 

Today, I would like to share with you, to use soft air-dry clay for handmade Carnation. 
With Mother's Day fast approaching, a question that's asked often is, '' What does a carnation symbolize?" the carnation symbolizes fascination, distinction, and love. 

Pink & Red Carnation Meaning
Pink carnations say, " You are always on my mind and I deeply admire you."
Red carnation says " My love and admiration for you knows no bounds."

How to Make The Carnation With The Air Dry Clay?

Material Used:
Soft Air Dry Clay
Clay tool

First, take out the soft air-dry clay, and roll the rectangle. Using the clay tool to cut four equal parts and twist the clay into a ball shape. Second, taking out the roller and roll flat the ball. Using a clay tool makes edge like the petal, when it has done, cut half of the petal. Third, roll up two of them and repeat to this action(handmade three of them), Glue all of them, the Carnation is complete. 

Roll the rectangle

Cut Four Equal Parts

Twist shape like the ball 

Roll flat

Makes edge like the petal


Cut half

Roll up the petal

Make four of them

Glue up all of them

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