Seven Dwarfs Make By Wooden Modeling Clay

Seven Dwarfs Made Of Wood Plastic Clay

Today I'm sharing this with you, how to handmade Seven Dwarfs with wood clay. You can use the clay to create fanciful creations or deco artwork. This cute work is simple to make and look real when you did. if you haven't worked with the wood clay before, you can check out my introduction Wood clay for the basics!

How to make Seven Dwarfs by wood plastic clay?
First, you need to pinch the triangle to make face, and little round to make a nose.
Using a clay tool to draw the mouth, a round flat wood clay to work as a hat. Create a beard that uses clay scraper to draw texture(make like the more real beard).

Second, roll in an oval, and pinch four small ovals to combine the shoe. Roll the wooden clay into a curved strip to make the hands. The flat strips deco the clothe. and glue them together, the first seven dwarfs are done.

Pinch triangle shape

Use clay tool make a mouse

Making Moustache

More like moustache

A flat round to make a hat

A body oval

Two of clay combine shoes.

Making clothes

Glue all hand and feet

Making eye and glue it

Seven Dwarfs is done

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