Sweet Dessert Make by Soft Clay And Cream Clay

Hi, today I want to share with you the wonderful combination of light soft clay and creamy clay that makes the dessert look more authentic and delicious! This is my favorite cream clay and light clay. If you never use the light clay or whipped cream clay before, welcome to see the introduction Whip Cream Clay Deco Cream Simulation Dessert or Where to Buy Soft Clay: Colorful Ultra Light Clay Ideas.

How to Make Simulation Sweet Clay Puff Tower Dessert?

Material Used:
✔ Super Light Clay
✔ Whipped Cream Clay
✔ Pigment
✔ Watercolor Pen
✔ Clay Roller
✔ Toothbrush
✔ Toothpick
✔ Glue
✔ Music Box

First, take out the yellow and white clay, and mix the color like goose yellow. Twist the circle like a Macaron. 

Second, using a toothpick cut the stripe and toothbrush to brush the clay(can make dressert more like real).  Prepare the pigment(Watercolor or Acrylic), and draw it with the watercolor pen. The dessert is complete.  

Third, taking out the pink clay and white clay, roll it like a flat circle with the clay roller. and glue on the music box.

Finally, glue on the dessert you make, and using whip cream clay to deco it, the sweet lovely simulation clay Puff Tower is complete.

Using toothpick cut the stripe.

Toothbrush to brush the clay

Paint the clay

Roll the pink clay

Prepare a music box

Glue on the music box

Glue the simulate the Puff

Deco the dessert with the cream clay

the Puff towder is complete

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