Polymer Modeling Colorful Clay Creatures by Alisa Laryushkina

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There Colorful Polymer Clay Creatures Are Created By Alisa Laryushkina

The tricky part is, you won't believe that there colorful birds, fishes, foxes and other animals are made from polymer clay. Your first guess may be quilled paper or fabric.

The fact is, they are really made of polymer clay. Alisa Laryushkina, also being known as Liskaflower, has used a special technique to create nature-inspired crafts as well as wearable arts, including brooches, necklaces, earrings and many more.

Alisa was born in a snowy town called Langepas, and now lives in Moscow, Russia. She loves warm climate, with views of coconut trees, the coconuts themselves  and also other colorful objects. There are what inspired her to produce bright and colourful handicraft designs. Her favorite materials are air dried polymer clay, colorful paints and a variety of beads.


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