Light Soft Modeling Clay Make Dragon and Lion Dance


Use the light soft clay to make Dragon and Lion Dance,  Light air-dry modeling clay is a lump of water-based clay. It is a lightweight, extremely soft touch, and does not stick to your fingers. You can change the color of the clay to any color you like. It is suitable for creating delicate objects like flowers and intricate pieces of jewelry as well as sculptures, magnets, and others. Once dry it remains flexible yet firm. It can be painted and it can be protected with varnish.

”Dragon“ is still regarded by the people as a representative of auspiciousness. From ancient to modern paintings and calligraphy, ceramics, silk weaving, jade carvings, etc., dragons can be seen. And "dragon dance" is revered as a necessary festival for large-scale celebrations. To add to the lively atmosphere, I also hope that we can "see good fortune and avoid evil" and bring good luck.

in the process of praying for the rain, people may use dance to perform, and imitate the movement of the dragon, whirl and dancers, use various props and finally gradually evolved into a "dragon dance" style activity. According to the narrative, it is expected that there will be a custom of praying for rain in the Shang Dynasty but it is uncertain whether there was a dragon dance activity at that time; and there are records of correcting dragon dance activities in the Han Dynasty. No matter when the dragon dance begins, it always represents auspiciousness as well as China.

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