What Clay to Buy?

There are many type of clay could buy or online. Which type modeling clay is suitable for you? 

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The "clay" we are referring here is not the clay minerals that naturally formed from the rock through chemical weathering.

We use clay craft such as polymer clay which required baking to make it hard and air-dry clay, a type of clay that will dry in room temperature without baking.

What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a modeling clay with  polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base. It will stay soft in room temperature (uncured) and hardened when baked in the oven at temperature as recommended by the manufacturer.

There is an interesting story behind this clay. It was said that the Polymer Clays were initially formulated to replace "Bakelite" which was contained flammable phenol base.

What is Air Dry Clay?

Many people referring air dry clay as a new form of clay. Even some of them make the clay sounds trendy by calling it ADC Clay. 

Basically, the clay will dry out in room temperature within 24 hours or few days depends on weather in your home country, size and thickness of the model. 


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